Prosthetic limbs are among the world’s truly great inventions, by boosting independence they boost optimism and both these things dramatically improve people’s lives.

As you work with Orthotics & Prosthetics Associates we will guide you through decisions about products and fitting. Knowing more about how a prosthesis work will help ensure we get the best fit for you.

After amputation, you want a prosthesis that allows you to resume the activities that are important to you as an individual.

Lower limb

Have you ever met anyone who has an artificial limb? Chances are you have, without even knowing it. Modern prostheses (as artificial limbs are properly known) work so effectively and look so convincing that you wouldn’t even know someone was wearing one. People with prosthetic legs can often climb stairs, walk, swim, and run as well as though they were using natural limbs.

Upper limb

Upper limb prosthetics outcomes differ from lower limb prosthetics. Most of the time, the need is just to create a cosmetic prosthesis to replace the lost limb. This we do by matching the skin tone and the size of the hand as best as possible. Also creating a comfortable fitting arm, to use as a lever, while doing everyday tasks.

While bionic prosthetics are available in South Africa, the technology is still being perfected and if not setup perfectly the limb is more of a burden than an attribution. For this reason, we only do Semi-functional and cosmetic Upper limb prosthetics.

Post Mastectomy

For some women, wearing a prosthesis may be a temporary choice prior to reconstruction (creation of a new breast shape using surgery). Other women may choose not (or be unable) to have breast reconstruction and find wearing a prosthesis an effective and suitable long-term choice. Some women choose not to have a reconstruction or use a prosthesis, whatever your choice, we will give you advise and supply you with products to suite your needs in association with Rohi Care - Mastectomy Consultants.


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